Concentration Curls

About Concentration Curls

Performing dumbbell concentration curls has shown to be an excellent way to target the upper portion of the biceps. This is due to the emphasis that the movement places on the biceps throughout the last range of flexion. Providing that your triceps stay in contact with your inner thigh area, you’re forced to complete every repetition without using momentum so you’ll achieve optimal benefits while minimizing your chance of injury.

Since you’re only doing repetitions with one arm at a time, you have the option of pushing down slightly with the other. This is known as “variable resistance” and is effective because your muscles can handle more weight on the eccentric portion of the movement. Also, when you’re struggling with the weight, you can use the other hand to assist you in completing the repetition.

Exercise Video

Exercise Instructions

  1. Grasp appropriately weighted dumbbell with a closed grip and sit at the side of a flat bench.
  2. Legs should be at approximately a 45 degree angle and the back of your arm should be in contact with your inner thigh. Place the hand that’s not holding the dumbbell on the top of your other leg for support. Be sure to keep back in a straight alignment to minimize risk of spinal injury.
  3. Exhale, flex at the elbow and be sure to supinate hand from neutral position at the mid-point of the movement. Squeeze bicep at finishing position which should be with your arm 6-8 inches from your shoulder.
  4. Inhale and lower the weight in a controlled motion. Be sure to shift hand back into neutral position as you lower the weight.
  5. Repeat until desired number of repetitions are completed.


Exercise Variations

When performing dumbbell concentration curls, you can apply pressure to the inside of your forearm with your free hand during the downward phase of the movement. This is a great way to increase the difficulty.

Pushing up with your free hand once you fatigue is a great way to get a few extra repetitions out of the set and take the muscle to a further point of exhaustion.

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